A Review of Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Risks

Mothers are special because we all came to the planet Earth from her. But the process of giving birth is complicated. More specifically, the results are complicated. Mothers find that their bodies have gotten big. They may result in feeling unattractive. They find out that exercises and diet plans may not be as effective as they are hyped to be when it comes to reclaiming their pre-pregnancy figure. And the only way is through some reconstructive plastic surgery. Mommy Makeover plastic surgery generally refers to the combination of surgeries, particularly in breasts and abdomen in order to restore the former figure. However, since it is a surgery after all, it has its risks. And one of them is.

Pulmonary Embolism

During surgery, the doctor will need to make a number of incisions in your body. Pulmonary embolism is particularly a risk to mothers who get a tummy tuck. And it’s activated especially if the mother has little activity going. Pulmonary embolism is practically when there a blood clot in your pulmonary vein. Since it is a very important vessel in the body of a human, the health complication that arises thereafter is complicated. And so, pulmonary embolism is one of the Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Risks.

Blood Loss

Any surgical operation involves breaking into a person’s body, and so blood is going to come out. Surgery may be performed under local or general anesthesia. So, a woman may not necessarily deal with pain at the time of surgery. According to www.mommymakeovermiami.org, blood loss is also one of the top Mommy Makeover surgery risks. Complications arise when too much blood is lost. But this risk is fuelled by a mother’s medical status. For example, if they have Leukemia, then there is no doubt that there will be a loss of blood due to their blood’s inability to clot.

Disappointing Results

Although the whole point of getting a mommy makeover is to increase one’s desirability, sometimes it backfires! Surgeons are human and thus subject to errors. There is even a case where a mother’s abdomen was cut open, and a liposuction was performed and then she was sealed shut…but before she’d start to rejoice, the surgeon realized he’d closed in an apparatus in the woman’s body, and it would require another operation. My point is that even surgeons sometimes are flawed. One may get a mommy makeover and look in the mirror and simply not appreciate the result. And so, this is one of the risks.

Poor Healing

This changes from one person to another. But in the event that a wound fails to seal shut, one is exposed to danger. For instance, bacteria would accumulate in the wound and result in serious health defects, which make it a risky affair.


Still, a woman may come down with an infection and get in trouble, in relation to her whole body now.

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